Celebrating 100 Years
Arthur Murray847-882-3700847-882-3700 Schaumburg, Illinois

– Chad W

“What can I say about Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Schaumburg. It’s like having a second family. All the instructors are warm, friendly and in good spirits. They take their time to teach you how to dance, in sooo many ways. About four years ago I lost two people that I loved. When I walked in the see “if” and “what” it’s about. I did one lesson, I was so nervous and shaking like a tree. Now look at me, people talk about me. I go to classes every chance I get, that’s what has helped me a lot. My first time dancing in front of hundreds of people was at Excaliber’s Newsome Twosome event. I was so scared when Julz and I went to the floor to do the dance, but when we finished it felt so good. I had many of the other instructors compliment my performance, that made me feel great. Since that day I’ve done many events. Dancing has helped me in many ways throughout my life.”


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