Celebrating 100 Years
Arthur Murray847-882-3700847-882-3700 Schaumburg, Illinois

– Rebecca Y

“I had just completed another coaching lesson a couple days ago and I was asked to look at my dance posture in the mirror. As I look at myself, it made me realize how much I have grown in ballroom dancing during my past two years with Arthur Murray Schaumburg. It is not just how much I was able learn in each lesson, but I have also learned to trust in my teacher and in his advice on how I can become a better dancer, i.e. coming to group classes even if it is basic class to work on the fundamentals, participate in recitals to practice my confidence, take coaching lessons and lesson with other instructors to broaden my views and etc. As a kid, I have loved to sing and dance, willing to do that for anyone at request. It has slowly diminished as I have gotten older. It is sooo great to be able to reignite my childhood passion.

There are big differences between independent studios and Arthur Murray Schaumburg. The difference can not be measured in monetary terms. It is the whole package – atmosphere, the people, resources available, and the teachers’ and students’ passion for dancing that you will fall in love with. It is priceless. Without knowing, the students and staff at AM Schaumburg has become an integral part of my life…”


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