• Arthur Murray

    – Alexa F

    “My fiance and I always said we wanted to learn to dance before our wedding so we didn’t look awkward on our special day. We started a year before and we made the best decision EVER! We have fallen in love with dancing and it’s something I look forward to each week. My fiance and I are both very shy and this has really opened us up alot. Our instructor is awesome!! We have really learned and grown together as a closer couple. Call Arthur Murray right away to make the best decision of your life!!”

  • Arthur Murray

    – Jackie P

    “My husband and I started dancing for our wedding, and here we are almost three years later still dancing. Its our standing date night where we get to challenge ourselves to get to the next level in our dancing abilities and sometimes with our busy lives its the only time we get quality time together. We love Arthur Murray Schaumburg, the people and instructors are amazing and make us feel like family!”

  • Arthur Murray

    – Rebecca Y

    “I had just completed another coaching lesson a couple days ago and I was asked to look at my dance posture in the mirror. As I look at myself, it made me realize how much I have grown in ballroom dancing during my past two years with Arthur Murray Schaumburg. It is not just how much I was able learn in each lesson, but I have also learned to trust in my teacher and in his advice on how I can become a better dancer, i.e. coming to group classes even if it is basic class to work on the fundamentals, participate in recitals to practice my confidence, take coaching lessons and lesson with other instructors to broaden my views and etc. As a kid, I have loved to sing and dance, willing to do that for anyone at request. It has slowly diminished as I have gotten older. It is sooo great to be able to reignite my childhood passion.

    There are big differences between independent studios and Arthur Murray Schaumburg. The difference can not be measured in monetary terms. It is the whole package – atmosphere, the people, resources available, and the teachers’ and students’ passion for dancing that you will fall in love with. It is priceless. Without knowing, the students and staff at AM Schaumburg has become an integral part of my life…”

  • Arthur Murray

    – Denzel M

    “My wife and I took lessons with Kam at this Arthur Murray location prior to our wedding and had a wonderful experience. The studio was spacious and very clean. Enough good things cannot be said about how professional and experienced Kam was. When we are in the Schaumburg area again we plan on taking some more lessons to further our dance repertoire. The instructions that Kam provided were invaluable during our first dance together as husband and wife.

    If you are in the Chicago area and looking for a great dance instructor please see Kam or any of the other wonderful instructors at this location.”

  • Arthur Murray

    – Chad W

    “What can I say about Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Schaumburg. It’s like having a second family. All the instructors are warm, friendly and in good spirits. They take their time to teach you how to dance, in sooo many ways. About four years ago I lost two people that I loved. When I walked in the see “if” and “what” it’s about. I did one lesson, I was so nervous and shaking like a tree. Now look at me, people talk about me. I go to classes every chance I get, that’s what has helped me a lot. My first time dancing in front of hundreds of people was at Excaliber’s Newsome Twosome event. I was so scared when Julz and I went to the floor to do the dance, but when we finished it felt so good. I had many of the other instructors compliment my performance, that made me feel great. Since that day I’ve done many events. Dancing has helped me in many ways throughout my life.”