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Tournament of Champions 2017

The Tournament of Champions 2017 is here, and it’s not too late to join! What is the Tournament of Champions, or T.O.C., you ask?

The T.O.C. is a world-wide competition between all the studios and staff in Arthur Murray. This tournament serves to remind us about all the benefits, fun, and excitement surround social dancing. We are competing internationally to have the craziest parties (every Friday at 9pm) and the most involved student body (that’s YOU!). Help us all win by posting and sharing your and sharing your favorite dance moments each week (because we ALL want to know how much FUN you are having)! You will earn points for everything you do in these six weeks, and those points will transform into raffle tickets and the opportunity to win fun prizes at our Finale Party (Friday, December 22nd).

How do you get involved in Schaumburg’s T.O.C., “A Night at the Movies”? The first step is to sponsor your amazing Arthur Murray instructor, a Bronze sponsorship is $40, but you could also elect to become a Silver or Gold sponsor. Your instructor will help you determine which sponsorship is right for you.

From there it’s easy, all you have to do is go dancing! The more the better! Every.Single. Activity that you do in the studio during the 6 weeks of T.O.C. will earn you points. Personal lessons, group classes, and our themed practice parties. Earn EXTRA points for dressing up in costume during our theme parties (a different movie genre each Friday), participating in a studio game, bringing food or refreshments to the party, or even something as simple as making a payment on your account or enrolling on your next dance adventure.

We would love for you to be a part of Team Schaumburg in this tournament, so if you haven’t already (and it’s not too late until it’s over) join today!






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